Tuition Table – Learning Skills

Learn to…
Paddling and
Informal Assessment

This is a short session to assess your current skills and design a program of training to help you

achieve your personal kayaking goals.

Forward Paddling
This session focuses on efficiency and injury prevention.
Manoeuvring, Bracing
and Boat Control
Learn how to paddle your kayak without relying on a rudder. I will help you to tighten your turns,
use your edges, go sideways, and keep you paddling on course.
Rescues and Towing
at Sea
Learn how to look after yourself and your mates when you go out paddling. This course covers
capsizes, assisted rescues, paddle floats, rescues,towing injured and ill paddlers, towing systems,
and re-enter and roll.
Bracing and Rolling

Increase your confidence so you feel more comfortable paddling in challenging conditions.

Practice your skills in
the sea environment
Test your skills on open water in a carefully managed environment with your instructor.
Weather and Navigation
These sessions are designed to help you decide when to paddle and how to get from A to B.
We will cover: weather jargon and how it relates to real paddling conditions;chart interpretation and
plotting courses, bearings and headings to get you there.
Guided Coastal Trip
Explore the Sunshine Coast. The wild beauty will surprise you and it is so close to the CBD.
The trip will be tailored to suit the skill level of the group and the weather conditions on the day.
Surf Skills
Strategies for launching and landing safely in the surf zone. You will get wet in a positive and
supportive learning environment.
Coastal Overnight Trip
Build on your skills, prepare for a trip, live out of your kayak and enjoy a weekend that you will be
certain to remember!